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Bunnies and Dove 天和地
Roses and Butterflies 蝶戀花
Bats and Butterflies 蝠蝶寶鈿
packaging 236 x 338-03
Piggies and Bees 甜蜜的家
packaging 236 x 338-06


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Wall Decal Series

Inspired by Danish artist, M.C. Escher, Happihood designed 4 unique patterns and applied them into a special static Polypropylene film using QuickFilm™ technology, which can be used as wall decal. 


Amidst hectic lifestyle, our home is becoming like a workplace more than a place to enjoy and relax. HAPPIHOOD’s wall decals are designed to allow people to enjoy home life. Consumers can create their own pattern with the wall decals any time on any smooth surface without worrying the glue and stain!


1. Able to stick on any smooth surface

2. Zero glue used hence cause no harm to surface

3. Stainless after removal

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