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Wall Decal Series

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Kamiko is a 5-year-old girl who lives in year 2281, where many generations have not been exposed to materials such as paper. One day, Kamiko unintentionally found a pile of paper and an origami book from her ancestors’ secret space, she instantaneously folded many origami creations, and fell in love with origami immediately.
Kamiko regards her origami creations as friends, and her best friends are Ruffie, Oinkie and Rabbie. They have all experienced many different challenges, including Kamiko adapting to kindergarten's life, Kamiko making new friends at school and the adventure of finding the mysterious origami book about ancient animals.
Through challenges, Kamiko and her friends gained more and knowledge, they are more and more aware of protecting the environment.

Story of

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  • Meaning of Kamiko: Paper Girl

  • Born in Year 2276

  • 5-year-old

  • Likes origami. pattern, tidy and clean

  • Likes to wear her paper suit of armour 

  • Her dream is to find the mysterious origami book with her friends  



Rabbie is Kamiko’s second creation and friend.She is understanding and calm. She helps Kamiko to calm down whenever she is upset.


Ruffie is Kamiko’s first creation and friend. He is clever and encouraging. He encouraged Kamiko to create Rabbie, Oinkie and more origami creations. He also helped Kamiko to overcome making friends at school.


Oinkie is Kamiko’s third creation and friend, he is laid back, funny and sweet. He makes Kamiko laugh all the time.

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Pattern of Happiness

Kamiko is very fond in patterns, she enjoys creating patterns of her friends.The slogan of this story is “Pattern of Happiness” which reflects Kamikos state of mind

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