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Piggies and Bees Static Wall Sticker

Piggies and Bees Static Wall Sticker

Wall Sticker using static: no glue, leaving no stain and harm on wall


Able to stick on any smooth surface

One pack of 2 piggies and 8 bees

Dimensions: 270mm x 138 (Piggy) 55mm x 60mm (Bee)

Packaging Dimensions: 254mm x 355mm


Free delivery for commercial and industrial area in Hong Kong









尺寸: 豬 272mm x 138mm,蜜蜂 55mm x 60mm


包裝尺寸: 229mm x 308mm




Artist Statement: According to nature, piggies are very lazy and bees are extremely hard working. However both also represent family and growth. To Chinese, piggies symbolize family as the Chinese character of family (jiā家) pictograph of a pig inside a house. On the other hand, how the bees work together in harmony and productivity, symbolize a family working together for the benefit of the group.


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