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Bunnies and Doves Static Wall Sticker

Bunnies and Doves Static Wall Sticker

Wall Sticker using static: no glue, leaving no stain and harm on wall


Able to stick on any smooth surface

One pack of 3 pairs of bunnies and doves facing to left and right with 12 in total


Dimensions: 170mm x 200mm (Bunny); 152mm x 228mm (Dove)


📦Packaging Dimensions: 254mm x 355mm


🚚Free delivery for commercial and industrial area in Hong Kong







3對兔子和3對鴿子, 向左和向右, 共同12隻


尺寸:  å…”子 170mm x 200mm; 鴿子152mm x 228mm


📦包裝尺寸: 229mm x 308mm




Artist Statement: Bunnies are from the ground where doves are from the sky. Both represents purity and peace.


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