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Bats and Butterflies Static Wall Sticker

Bats and Butterflies Static Wall Sticker

SKU: 2

Wall Sticker using static: no glue, leaving no stain and harm on wall


Able to stick on any smooth surface

One set of 6 bats and 6 butterflies


Dimensions: 137mm x 92mm (Bat) 150mm x 90mm (Butterfly)


Packaging Dimensions: 254mm x 355mm


Free delivery for commercial and industrial area in Hong Kong







6 x 蝠鼠拼蝴蝶圖案


尺寸: 137mm x 92mm (蝠鼠),150mm x 90mm (蝴蝶)                                                       


包裝尺寸: 229mm x 308mm




Artist Statement: Bats and butterflies both go through transformations and are symbolize reborn. To Chinese, bats (fu 蝠) means good fortune and butterflies represent love.

宜古宜今的設計: 蝠鼠和蝴蝶都是清代后妃在服飾中常用的吉祥圖案,蝴蝶銳變成長和蝙蝠俠變身又賦予變革更新的時代意義。

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