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Po Leung Kuk's Kindergartens' Admission Campaign

Po Leung Kuk, one of Hong Kong's largest charitable organisation, has 24 kindergartens across Hong Kong. Happihood Design is happy to design for Po Leung Kuk's kindergarten admission campaign for 2018 - 19.


The theme of this campaign is "Love starts from Po Leung Kuk", the key visual is constructed by a white trail with 24 stops representing 24 Po Leung Kuk's kindergartens and a yellow line which hovers the white trail to form a love knot.  ​

Kindergarten is the first place for children to learn how to be independent, it is essential for them to feel safe there. A game is designed inside the leaflet to illustrate to little children what kindergarten is like, it is hoped that the game would impress the children and they would feel safe and excited to study at one of Po Leung Kuk's kindergartens.

Project: Po Leung Kuk Kindergarten 2018-19 Admission Campaign

Client: Po Leung Kuk

Year: 2018

Art Director: Jola Happihood​

Deliverable: Poster, Advertisement, 25 Leaflets

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