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Mid Autumn Paper Rabbit Gift Box
For Shiu Heung Yuen

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture, but it has become more difficult for families to gather due to the COVID19. In 2021’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Happihood Creations is honored to collaborate with Lei Yue Mun Shiu Heung Yeun Ltd to design a mooncake gift box that can be transformed into a cute Jade Rabbit lantern for this unusual Mid-Autumn Festival.


The Jade Rabbit gift box lantern is primarily constructed with snow-white pearl paper and the golden hot stamp on the rabbit's limbs and stomach. The built-in LED light can be switched on and off from the rabbit's tail, and the lights emitted by the jade rabbit resembles the moon and the stars in the sky. 


Although this Mid-Autumn Festival during COVID19 is not as lively as before, it serves as a reminder for us to always cherish the people around us. The jade rabbit emits a mesmerising light, adding a livelier atmosphere to this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Project: Packaging Design

Client: Lei Yue Mun Shui Heung Yuen

Year: 2021

Art Director: Jola Happihood


 #Packaging #Design #foodPackaging #food&beverage #F&Bdesign #Kitchen #HongKong #Origami

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