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Communications Design

buyMeDesign is the online design curator of choice with a boutique and bespoke mindset, who support the development of emerging designers, brands and shops through a unique mix of online and offline exposure towards both B2C consumers and B2B retail audiences.


In Bed With Designers, Asia’s first boutique designer sleepover, ,  transformed 46 rooms at Mini Hotel into carefully curated caves of innovative products and beautiful creations. The boutique pop-up designer sleepover organised by buyMeDesign transformed the Mini Hotel into a unique multi-sensory networking event with design-lovers, industry professionals, and local and international media. 


Happihood Design is honoured to participate in the event design for In Bed with Designers French Kiss edition in May 2014 at Mini Hotel, Hong Kong.

Project: Communications Design 

Client: buyMeDesign​

Year: 2014

Art Director: Jola Happihood​

#buyMeDesign #SpotDesign #inbedwithdesigner #minihotel #tradeshow #communicationdesign

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