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happi-sheep red packets

Happi-Sheepie Red Packets

The Happi-Sheepie Red Packet is not only a red packet design, it is an origami design which can be applied into many different products. Happihood Design chose to applied on red packets as we see an urgent need to create products which promote interaction between the two generations – young parent and children.


We feel that people care less about family relations nowadays, we hope to improve the situation through Chinese-New-Year, a festival of love and gatherings. Instead of playing digital devices after receiving red packets from aunties and uncles, children can also find enjoyment of transforming the red packets into monkeys with the origami instructions printed inside. On the other hand, it is environmentally friendly to reuse the paper of the red packets.


We would also like to extent the happiness of the festival to less fortunate children. Part of the sales proceeds will be donated to Butterfly Children’s Hospices, dedicated to provide care and treatment for children with life-threatening illnesses.

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