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The mission of is to offer opportunities to the public to learn about the many different mediums of Hong Kong resident artists through exploration and research.

In September 2014, & PubArt Gallery are proud to present ‘CLOSER’ - the first Contemporary Miniature Painting Exhibition in Hong Kong! 


Each artist portrays their personal interpretations of the show’s theme, ‘Closer’ - but only on canvases 2” x 3” or 4” x 4”, taking a contemporary spin on the historical tradition of miniature art. 


As Design Partner, Happihood Design is very happy to design and organise the production of the logos, exhibition promotional materials, catalogue and information boards. 

Project: Communication Design 


Year: 2014

Art Director: Jola Happihood​


"Great partners; incredibly professional and easy to work with … friendly and nice.

Happihood Design does amazing, smart work. A pleasure to work with, Jola Happihood did exactly what we needed and stretched our thinking."

Philip George, Founder

#HongKongArt #miniature #closer #CommunicationDesign #ArtExhibition #Art 

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