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Founded in 2016, Happihood Creations has three major brands - Happihood, HappiKami and Happihood Design.  

Although the three brands have very different features, they share the same aim: to provide a happy livelihood to everyone through design. Our core values are to design with fun, social responsibility and eco-friendliness.

Happihood Creations由2016年成立,旗下有三大方品牌 —— Happihood、HappiKami 和Happihood Design 。 Happihood設計及生產紙品及家品,零售店及網店有售,還可以定制為企業禮品。HappiKami是一個紙藝工作坊,以促進互動、 耐心和創造力為目標。 而Happihood Design提供設計服務,如品牌、插圖、目錄和傳單。




HAPPIHOOD is a brand dedicated to produce paper product and home ware, hoping to extend our happiness in design to more and more people! 


Creative Services

Happihood Design provides creative solutions such as branding, packaging, corporate gifts and illustrations. 

Happihood Design主要提供設計服務如品牌設計、包裝、禮品及插畫。

HappiKami Workshop

"Happi" stands for Happy and
"Kami" means paper in Japanese. "HappiKami" is a paper art  workshop for everyone to enjoy.
「Happi」指開心,「Kami」是日文,指紙張。HappiKami 就是給所有人開心的一個紙藝工作坊,讓大家能夠輕鬆及開心多點。


"Happi" stands for Happy
"Kami" means paper in Japanese
 HappiKami is a paper art  workshop for everyone to enjoy

Makes Me Happy