design philosophy:

to create a happy livelihood

through art and design

Happihood Creations is a boutique design house in Hong Kong founded in 2016. With an aim to create a happy livelihood through art and design, our core values are to design with fun, social responsibility and eco-friendliness.

Happihood Creations has three major brands - HAPPIHOOD DESIGN, happihood and HappiKami, serving both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms.

HAPPIHOOD DESIGN is dedicated in providing creative services to our B2B clients. Our services include branding, illustration, packaging, animation, photography, origami and print production ... etc.  

In 2016, we founded our other two brands, happihood and HappiKami, for B2C customers. happihood creates home decoration and stationery products and HappiKami provides paper art learning platforms online and offline. 


creative services




plk leaflet 5.jpg

marketing materials.

Services include leaflet, brochure, edm and promotional videos

3D Boxes


Services include packaging graphics, structural design, production and delivery

Books On Shelf


Publication design such as reports, catalogue and more



Illustrations and infographics are important to highlight brand's key messages and impression. We are able to provide various style according to your need

Artist Studio2


Services include booth design, production and onsite photography and videography



Products we initiated , developed and launched. They could be custom-made as corporate gift. We also welcome collaborations with retail, artists and factories.

"Happi" stands for Happy and
"Kami" means paper in Japanese. "HappiKami" is a paper art  workshop for everyone to enjoy.