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Packaging for Ying Origin

Ying Origin Tea Co. Ltd. is managed by the fourth generation of Hong Kong YING KEE TEA COMPANY. Inheriting the conscientious manner in selecting and processing good quality tea to tea-lovers.


In order to attract the new generation of tea aficionado, the tea cake is in a form of a rectangle like a chocolate bar instead of a traditional round tea cake. Bright colours are blended into traditional drawings of a peacock. Bold cherry pink colour is used for the packaging of raw pu-er tea which reveals its freshness and rejuvenation; while orange colour is used for the packaging of ripe pu-er tea which shows a positive energy and enthusiasm. 


A peacock drawing is shown on the packaging as it is an auspicious icon in Yunnan, China ——— the origin of pu-er tea.  As pu-er tea needs to undergo a complex process of gradual fermentation and maturation with time, it is just like a peacock opening its dazzling and colourful wings when it is able to consume.








Project: Packaging Design 

Client: Ying Origin Tea Co. Ltd

Year: 2018

Art Director: Jola Happihood​

Illustrator: Kayla 

#illustration #packaging #HongKong #paper #packaging #design #innovative #tea #peacock #tealover

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