Christmas Illustration for Sayvour 2019

Sayvour is an artisan confectionery specialising in handmade chocolates and pastries by using quality ingredients from around the world.

Sayvour hopes their customers will savour every mouthful of their delicacies and also bring their personal message to loved ones through customised gift sets and chocolate lettering.

【Hong Kong Christmas Gift】Sayvour's "I love HK" Dark Chocolate Tablet Set illustrates a couple building their family in Hong Kong. Each relationship is precious just like the skyline of Hong Kong. 


Christmas Illustration for Sayvour 2018

【Christmas Story Gift Set】"Christmas Story" gift set illustrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Each piece of chocolate represents a unique scene such as the angel and Mary, the Christmas star, wise men from the East inspired by the star and the manger where Jesus was born.